How I Entertain My Baby: 5 – 7 Months

Entertaining baby wasn’t that easy because they cannot communicate yet. But there are a lot of ways to entertain a baby. When my baby turns 5 months, he started watching and playing with his toys. Here are some ways on how I entertain my baby; Walk Outside. Walking outside the house, whether going to theContinue reading “How I Entertain My Baby: 5 – 7 Months”

Our Wynn Palace Macau Experience

During holiday season everybody is celebrating in different ways. Since we are living away from our hometown, my sister surprised us with a gift which is 1-night stay in Wynn Palace Hotel Macau! We were so thrilled and excited! We’ve always wanted to book a stay in Wynn Palace. Check-in time was from 15:00 andContinue reading “Our Wynn Palace Macau Experience”