Our Wynn Palace Macau Experience


During holiday season everybody is celebrating in different ways. Since we are living away from our hometown, my sister surprised us with a gift which is 1-night stay in Wynn Palace Hotel Macau! We were so thrilled and excited! We’ve always wanted to book a stay in Wynn Palace.


Check-in time was from 15:00 and check-out time was 11:00. Me and my son arrived at 16:00 and waited for my husband there. Wasn’t a really good idea though, because we were asked for 1,000 MOP deposit, which I don’t have. (forgot my purse 😬) So we end up walking around to kill the time. There were no seats available and all you have to do is to walk, so I decided to ride on the Cable car that they have in the front, at least we can sit for a while. 😅 It is open to public for FREE! And from the cable car you will see the lake and fountain. It was called a dancing fountain because it dances with the music.

When my husband arrived, we went to north entrance and straight to registration desk. Even though we were in Macau, most of the hotel staffs speak English and we haven’t had a hard time checking in. The front desk officers were polite and professional. They offered us a crib for our baby and gave us a room for non smoking. They also gave us some water and also provide us with the map and hotel schedules.


Elevator. Fast and there is always available elevator.

Hallway. The hallway to our room was very clean and has a clear signs of direction.



Room Key. It was user friendly. You just need to tap your card and it will open, as easy as that. 😁

Room. The room was clean, great size and cozy. It looks so elegant. There was a touch screen tablet, where you can control the lights and television. It has everything you need to feel at home.




Service. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. The housekeeping staff assigned to our room came to greet and welcome us and gave us some chocolates. That tastes so good! After 30 minutes we received the crib with a toy and blankets. They provide us a small tub for baby to wash and a baby kit with shampoo, lotion etc.

Restaurant. We had our breakfast and lunch at Fontana Buffet, we have the view of the lake and the fountain while eating! They provided us excellent service from breakfast to lunch. They even recognized us coming back for lunch and gave us the same seat. They greeted us from the entrance and assisted us to our seats. We have a baby and they gave us the seat where we can fit our stroller.
Food. Food was great, they taste good. It was not that much but they have different variety. I love the dumplings and seafood section and the desserts!! Drinks were served to the table. What I really like about the buffet is that the food was placed in one corner and you don’t have to walk around.

Overall, our experience was amazing. We enjoyed every hour of our stay! It was short but unforgettable. Hope everyone had a great time too last Holiday Season!!


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