How I Entertain My Baby: 5 – 7 Months

Entertaining baby wasn’t that easy because they cannot communicate yet. But there are a lot of ways to entertain a baby. When my baby turns 5 months, he started watching and playing with his toys.


Here are some ways on how I entertain my baby;

Walk Outside. Walking outside the house, whether going to the park or doing some grocery is the best way for me and my husband to entertain him. He loves seeing lot of things outside, noise, and people. I love babywearing him than pushing a stroller. When he was 5 months, he usually fall asleep every time we were out, now that he is 7 months he is more active and more observant.


Teether and Pacifier. He always wants to chew things. A nice teether, will do. We bought him the banana teether that he loves the most, because he can easily grab it chew it on all of its parts. He also wants to chew his pacifier once in a while lol!


Toys with plastic-like sound. They love playing with plastic, so a toy that has this sound like a plastic works well! Me, I’ll just give him the real plastic and the plastic bottle that he usually slams like a drum!


Nursery Rhymes Videos. There are tons of nursery rhymes videos in YouTube that you can play. Before, my baby doesn’t really appreciate watching video or movies, until he turns 5 months. He loves nursery rhymes and cartoon movies (he loves tinker bell the lost treasure). He started reacting to the movies when he turns 7 months and showing different emotions while watching!


Playing with your baby. Nothing compares to a mom and son bonding! I make sure that I spend time playing with my baby. Making him laugh by playing with the blankets over his face, and making faces to him! Just lying in the bed or mat and letting him crawl around that makes him stronger.


There are so many ways to entertain your baby, you just need to be patient and always keep trying new things. Sometimes simple things works well.


Hope this list helps mga nanay! Apir! ☺️

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Minimalist, practical, always Keeping the Faith, Loves nature, travel and Family!

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