Let’s DIY! – Teether/Pacifier/Toy Strap Holder

Does your baby always drops his/her teether or pacifier even his toys on the floor and you have to clean them again and again, or sometimes drop them while walking in the mall or park?!? This solution is not new to other Moms, but new to me! lol!

DIY Teether/Toy/Pacifier Holder

Let’s save some money and be creative! Here are the steps on how to make our lives easier! Super cute and easy DIY!!


DIY Toy/Teether/Pacifier Holder (without sewing machine!)

Ribbon (fabric ribbon/lace/fabric tape)
Snaps and Tools/ Hand sew snaps
Scissors, Pen, Ruler



Step 1
Cut the ribbon (approx 50cms/your desired holder size)


*additional step for fabric tape: tape them together


Step 2

Measure and mark where you want to put the snaps on the ribbon (snaps on both side then two snaps in the middle)


Step 3

Place the snaps!


*additional step for hand sew snaps: add buttons to hide visible thread.

You’re DONE!


Enjoy and be creative mommies!! 😉

Published by Mommy Jen

Minimalist, practical, always Keeping the Faith, Loves nature, travel and Family!

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