Our Family in Macau during Coronavirus

“I just want my babies to be safe….”


Just 2 months ago, our family from the Philippines visited us and spent the holiday here in Macau.

Everyone had a great time. We visited hotels and museums, do a little shopping, exchanged gifts, and ate a lot! After a week, everybody left.


Back to our normal routine. Then, few days later, my husband was shocked at work. Everybody was wearing masks. Upon entering the hotel, everyone’s temperature is being checked. He immediately sent me a message not to bring the kids outside.

I started to check the news online to see what is going on. Then it was all over the news, the Coronavirus Outbreak from China.

I was so scared, not for myself, but for my kids. I was never been this terrified. I was thinking of going home to the Philippines. We booked our flights on January, 29. But then I was worried about the people at the airport and on the airplane. ”Would it be safe if we just stay at home?” Aside from that, we have to leave my husband behind. So we decided to rebook our flight on my husband’s leave which is on February 27.

After a week, President Duterte announced that all flights from China and SAR will be banned. Our flight was canceled. We don’t have a choice but to stay at home.

Every day I am wondering what will happen next. My husband is still working and needs to work.

We decided to make a routine to keep our babies safe.

Every time my husband will arrive from work, I and the kids will go to the room then my husband will enter the house, straight to the toilet, take a shower, then put all his dirty clothes to the laundry then sanitize his hands with alcohol.

This is what happens every single day, even when my husband needs to go to the supermarket we have to do the exact same routine.

Macau during Coronavirus:

1. No parties and canceled all events.
2. Residents and non- residents are told to stay at home
3. People are required to wear a mask
4. All buildings and Hotels have staff checking the temperature of every person entering.
5. Schools were immediately suspended until further notice.
6. Casinos and restaurants were closed for 15 days.
7. Some companies and some anonymous people donated masks to the government.
8. Masks were distributed properly. 10 masks per person only for 8MOP (after 10 days you can buy again) Fixed rate for all pharmacies.
9. They always announced and informed the people of the current situation and the number of cases.
10. All people who have been to the countries with a high number of cases are sent to quarantine for 14days.

Most of all, people in Macau is taking it seriously and respects how the government handles the situation.

I know all Mommies out there will feel the same way as what I am feeling right now given the situation. If it’s just me, or my husband I will not be this scared. But because I have a toddler and infant I can’t explain how anxious I am, thinking of when and how will this pandemic end. Sometimes I wonder why now, we just started a family and my kids are still young. They still want to explore and play outside.

We create an area with toys for them to play and I am spending more time playing with them.

All I want is for my children to be safe. Let us all pray for all the countries and people infected.

As of today, all the cases here in Macau were all recovered and at the moment Macau is with zero cases of Coronavirus.

”When I am afraid I put my trust in you, in God whose word I praise, in God I trust am not afraid.” Psalm 56:3-4



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