DIY: How to sew Face Mask | No Sewing Machine

Hi! Today we’ll be making a simple and easy DIY face mask that you could also make for your kids.


Here are the materials needed:

mats needed

Here’s the step-by-step procedure:


Prepare your fabrics.

You can use a face mask as a pattern or use this prepared pattern.

use disposable as pattern2


Fold the face mask, stretch,  and place it on top of the fabric. 

fold dm and place on fabric

Trace the pattern. Fold the fabric then cut.

cut done

It should look like this.

second fabric

Repeat this step for the other two fabrics.

copy the first fabric

cut all done


Place the burp cloth or lampin on top of the wrong side of the second fabric.

lampin and second fabric

Fold both fabrics and sew the curved side using a running stitch.

fold lampin and second fabric

sew lampin and second fabric

Get your first fabric and sew the curved side as well.



Place the first fabric on the second fabric, right side facing the right side. 

plac fabrics together

Sew the top and bottom using a running stitch.

sew top and bottom done

Carefully flip it over.

flip carefully


Prepare your elastics.

They must be 16-20 cm long.

prep elastics

prep elastic measure

Fold the sides inward and insert the elastics.

Sew the sides with an invisible stitch or running stitch.

For this one, I used the invisible stitch.

Repeat this step for the other side.

And you’re done!


done 4

For kids:

Repeat these steps.

For kids, we won’t use a burp cloth or lampin.

For the pattern, don’t stretch the disposable face mask too much. 

baby facemask pattern

For this tutorial, I used my baby’s old onesie.


mini face mask

done only mini


done with mini

A message to everyone…


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