5 Ways to Earn Income Through Sewing and Crafts|Earn Money at Home


Have you ever thought about doing something productive during your free time? Ever since the quarantine days have started, we have always stayed in our homes. We stay home almost every single day. And one of the most common suggestions to ease boredom is to do something productive. Here are some ways to earn income through your creative talents in sewing.

  1. Face Masks

I have made a lot of DIY videos on how to make face masks at home with or without a sewing machine. These are now in high demand especially for the new normal. You can make them simply out of old clothes that you no longer need or you can buy cloth from the market as long as they are properly washed.



2. Baby Shoes

I also made a video about DIY baby shoes. They are made of cotton and irreversible. Perfect for babies’ outfit of the day looks that are also comfortable yet stylish.



3. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are everyday items we use. Instead of buying them, let’s make them! There are so many ways of making scrunchies with different styles. Here is one I made without the use of a sewing machine.



4. Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask Holder

These are also a necessity now. We are asked to have an alcohol or hand sanitizer on our person at all times. This holder is convenient and very easy to make. It can hold our face mask and hand sanitizer preventing us from losing them or forgetting them.



5. Baby Items

Baby items are also easy to make. Some of the items I made on my channel are baby bibs, beanies, and turbans. These are all easy to make even for first-timers.







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