Daiso Sewing Products|My New Set-Up

Hi! Today I’ll talk about the Daiso sewing products that I added to my work area. I started making DIY face masks on YouTube by hand. Now that I acquired my own sewing machine, I began setting up my work station making way for more projects in the future.



This was my previous set-up. It’s quite simple but now I wanted more space to put more things I want to try out.






Here’s the new set-up. I kept the light as it is. I added more containers to keep things organized. I also added the thread holders to easily get the color that I needed and to see if I run out of that color.  I also added hooks to hang my elastics.


Here are other products that went in my basket:


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Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCov83RUN-y4hJQly4YMdFuA

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