Our Family in Macau during Coronavirus

“I just want my babies to be safe….”


Just 2 months ago, our family from the Philippines visited us and spent the holiday here in Macau.

Everyone had a great time. We visited hotels and museums, do a little shopping, exchanged gifts, and ate a lot! After a week, everybody left.


Back to our normal routine. Then, few days later, my husband was shocked at work. Everybody was wearing masks. Upon entering the hotel, everyone’s temperature is being checked. He immediately sent me a message not to bring the kids outside.

I started to check the news online to see what is going on. Then it was all over the news, the Coronavirus Outbreak from China.

I was so scared, not for myself, but for my kids. I was never been this terrified. I was thinking of going home to the Philippines. We booked our flights on January, 29. But then I was worried about the people at the airport and on the airplane. ”Would it be safe if we just stay at home?” Aside from that, we have to leave my husband behind. So we decided to rebook our flight on my husband’s leave which is on February 27.

After a week, President Duterte announced that all flights from China and SAR will be banned. Our flight was canceled. We don’t have a choice but to stay at home.

Every day I am wondering what will happen next. My husband is still working and needs to work.

We decided to make a routine to keep our babies safe.

Every time my husband will arrive from work, I and the kids will go to the room then my husband will enter the house, straight to the toilet, take a shower, then put all his dirty clothes to the laundry then sanitize his hands with alcohol.

This is what happens every single day, even when my husband needs to go to the supermarket we have to do the exact same routine.

Macau during Coronavirus:

1. No parties and canceled all events.
2. Residents and non- residents are told to stay at home
3. People are required to wear a mask
4. All buildings and Hotels have staff checking the temperature of every person entering.
5. Schools were immediately suspended until further notice.
6. Casinos and restaurants were closed for 15 days.
7. Some companies and some anonymous people donated masks to the government.
8. Masks were distributed properly. 10 masks per person only for 8MOP (after 10 days you can buy again) Fixed rate for all pharmacies.
9. They always announced and informed the people of the current situation and the number of cases.
10. All people who have been to the countries with a high number of cases are sent to quarantine for 14days.

Most of all, people in Macau is taking it seriously and respects how the government handles the situation.

I know all Mommies out there will feel the same way as what I am feeling right now given the situation. If it’s just me, or my husband I will not be this scared. But because I have a toddler and infant I can’t explain how anxious I am, thinking of when and how will this pandemic end. Sometimes I wonder why now, we just started a family and my kids are still young. They still want to explore and play outside.

We create an area with toys for them to play and I am spending more time playing with them.

All I want is for my children to be safe. Let us all pray for all the countries and people infected.

As of today, all the cases here in Macau were all recovered and at the moment Macau is with zero cases of Coronavirus.

”When I am afraid I put my trust in you, in God whose word I praise, in God I trust am not afraid.” Psalm 56:3-4



DIY Face Mask without using a Sewing Machine

DIY Face Mask without using a Sewing Machine

I don’t own a sewing machine, so I decided to sew a Face Mask by hand. I started sewing masks last February since the outbreak here in Macau started last January.

Here is the step by step:


Step 1

Use the pattern attached or if you have Disposable Face Mask you can also use that as a pattern. Fold the mask into half then stretch the folded part.

Fold your fabric right side together. Then trace the pattern.

Leave about 1cm allowance at the top and bottom of the mask, then 5cms on the side.

Then cut it.

Then for your second layer and pocket for filter, do the exact same thing except the sides. Make the sides of the second layer 5cms shorter than the first layer.

TIP: Use your old shirt or pillowcase so you don’t need to sew the sides. Use the part of old clothes or pillowcase with the hem.

Step 2

Sew the curved side using a backstitch or running stitch.

Step 3

Then flip the outer fabric to the right side then place the inner fabric on the top, right side facing the right side.

Step 4

Sew together the inner and outer fabric at the top and bottom edge.

Step 5

When it’s done, carefully flip it over to the right side.

Step 6

Make a small fold on the excess fabric on the side then fold it again.

Then sew it using a backstitch, this will be the casing for the elastics.

Just do the exact same thing on the other side.

Step 7

Prepare two elastics. You can measure it directly to your ears by looping it around.

Attach one end of the elastics to a safety pin, then insert it to the side casing.

Meet both ends of the elastic then tie them together. Just do the exact same thing on the other side.

And you’re done!!

You can insert a filter!

I hope this tutorial helped. Keep safe everyone.

For more masks tutorial, check out my YouTube channel Nanay Express

link of the videos below.

DIY FACE MASK | No sewing machine


More DIY:

DIY Reversible Shoes


Another Face Mask Pattern


From Formula to Breastfeeding!

Dahil nagstay si baby sa NICCU ng 7days, binigyan na siya ng formula sa bote ng mga nurse. Dahil dito, hindi naging maganda epekto kay baby E dahil nung ibinalik sya samin ayaw na nia maglatch at nasanay na sa bote… 😞

Heto ang mga nakatulong sa akin para maibalik si baby sa pure breastmilk: 🙂

1. Paginom ng Tubig

Pag inom ng madaming tubig. Minimum atleast 8glasses of water a day

2. Malunggay Leaf

Hinahalo sa lahat ng ulam ko, at minsan iniinom ko sya ng puro.

3. Malunggay Supplement

Niresetahan ako ng OB ko ng Natalac na iniinom ko three times a day

4. Lactation Cookies

Gumawa ako ng lactation cookies na may Brewers Yeast and Flaxseed Meal

NO Bake kasi wala kami oven hehehe here is the full recipe:https://youtu.be/eBAx_O0nujk

5. M2 Malunggay

Naging epektibo din sa akin ang M2 Malunggay na nabibili lamang sa Andoks. Concentrated malunggay, okra at luya ito na mabisa ding pampagatas.

6. Oats

Madalas na breakfast ko ang oatmeal na nakakatulong din magpadami ng gatas.

7. Green Leafy Vegetables

Kahit anong mga talbos ay mabisang pampagatas din.

8. Unli Latch

Direct latch ni baby ay isa sa pinakamabisang pampadami ng gatas, noon ayaw ni baby dumede kasi nasanay sa bote, kaya tuwing gabi ko inumpisahan padedehin hanggang masanay sya ulit.

Mapapanuod niyo din sa video na ito ang mga paraan na ginawa ko to boost my breastmilk supply 🙂 https://youtu.be/1NI6_hZZRV4

Struggle is real talaga mga nanay. Pero kung talagang

gusto ninyo magbreastfeed kakayanin tiisin lahat.



“always remember na mas mahalaga pa din na hindi madehydrate si baby whether formula milk or breastmilk”

How to Apply Philippine Passport for Newborn with/without PSA Birth Certificate

Is it possible to apply a passport for my newborn kahit wala pa sya PSA (formerly known as NSO) Birth Certificate?? Yes, we can.

Below are the requirements for Passport Application (Minor New) na makikita din sa official website ng DFA. –click HERE.


  1. Children 7 years old and below do not need to have an online appointment.
  2. Fill-up the Application Form (download here)
  3. Personal appearance of minor applicant and either parent or authorized adult companion (bring valid ID)
  4. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate / Certified True Copy Authenticated by PSA formerly known as NSO – located at Solicarel Buildging I and II, Ramon Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa, Manila (Near LRT2 Pureza Station) website click here
  5. Marriage Certificate is required if only one parent is accompanying the child
    • If parents are unmarried, an Affidavit of Support and/or Consent executed by the Mother will be required if she is not accompanying the child
    • If Affidavit of Support and/or Consent is executed abroad, it must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate

Heto ang aming naging experience:

Birth Certificate. Check po muna natin sa PSA if available na ang Birth Certificate ni baby. If hindi pa, katulad ng sa baby ko that time, kumuha muna ako ng CERTIFIED TRUE COPY sa Munisipyo. Dalhin ang Certified True Copy Birth Certificate sa PSA for AUTHENTICATION. Maghanda din po tayo ng pambayad. (Reminder: Don’t skip this step kasi hindi po tatanggapin sa DFA kapag hindi authenticated and Certified True Copy Birth Certificate)

PSA authentication at the back of certified true copy birth certificate

Application Form. Mas maganda na magdownload at makapag fill-up na tayo ng application form para pagdating sa DFA deretso na agad sa loob at hindi mo na aalalahanin pa ang magsulat. (download here) Pero kung wala tayo madownload, available din sa DFA ang application form.


Process. Hanapin and courtesy lane for minors at doon pumila, para ipasa ang mga requirements. Maghanda na din po ng pambayad. (you can check the fees here) Magready din ng coins kasi ipapa-photo copy sa inyo ang mga form.

Picture. Hindi na kailangan ng picture kasi sila na din ang magpipicture. Meron silang higaan ng baby, kung saan kukuhanan siya ng picture. Tulog si baby that time kaya ginising siya ng wet wipes!

Mother Passport Renewal. Sumabay na din ako ng Passport Renewal kay baby. Tinanong din ako sa window kung gusto ko na din palitan ang last name ko sa passport (Bring your PSA Marriage Certificate). Pwede po sumabay one adult per minor.

Pick-up or Delivery. Last step natin ay ang pagbibigay ng delivery address sa courier nila sa DFA kung delivery po ang pipiliin natin.


FAQ (Mga natanong ko din sa sarili ko before applying the passport)

Can I apply baby’s passport at 2 months of age? 

Yes, pwede po. Certified True Copy (authenticated by PSA formerly known as NSO) if hindi pa available ang PSA Birth Certificate niya.

Do I have to bring Picture?

No, hindi na po kailangan, dahil doon na siya kukuhanan ng picture. Paano? may bed sila na pang baby (parang sa mga pedia) ihihiga sya and then Picture!

Can I apply passport too with the baby without appointment?

Yes, sumabay din ako kay baby ng renewal of my passport.

Do I have to dress my baby with collared top?

No, basta po desente and no sleeveless.

Pwede ba magapply sa DFA sa Malls?

Yes, sa DFA SM Megamall kami nagapply and pwede naman po. 🙂

Disclaimer: Requirements might change please check DFA official website click HERE.

Sana nakatulong po ako sa inyo mga mommies and mommy to be na nagplaplano iapply agad ng passport babies nila. Lalo na po sa ating nasa ibang bansa ang asawa. Safe travels and don’t worry about baby’s passport kasi pwede sya agad iapply!




Let’s DIY! – Teether/Pacifier/Toy Strap Holder

Does your baby always drops his/her teether or pacifier even his toys on the floor and you have to clean them again and again, or sometimes drop them while walking in the mall or park?!? This solution is not new to other Moms, but new to me! lol!

DIY Teether/Toy/Pacifier Holder

Let’s save some money and be creative! Here are the steps on how to make our lives easier! Super cute and easy DIY!!


DIY Toy/Teether/Pacifier Holder (without sewing machine!)

Ribbon (fabric ribbon/lace/fabric tape)
Snaps and Tools/ Hand sew snaps
Scissors, Pen, Ruler



Step 1
Cut the ribbon (approx 50cms/your desired holder size)


*additional step for fabric tape: tape them together


Step 2

Measure and mark where you want to put the snaps on the ribbon (snaps on both side then two snaps in the middle)


Step 3

Place the snaps!


*additional step for hand sew snaps: add buttons to hide visible thread.

You’re DONE!


Enjoy and be creative mommies!! 😉

Born via C-section, Fed with Formula, raised with PURE LOVE


When I was pregnant, everything was perfectly planned. I was hoping to give birth normal, and planning to breastfeed my baby as long as I can. I was so sure that these things will happen. I was even talking to my baby inside my tummy “anak tulungan mo mommy ha labas ikaw agad!


But all of a sudden, May 31, 2017, everything changed. I was unexpectedly in labor for three days (which was not written on the pregnancy book I was reading). I had blood spots as well. We went to the hospital and they sent me back home coz my cervix is not yet open! Then the next day after all the pain of labor, still I gave birth via c-section. I was so happy that my baby was safe and healthy.

When I woke up, they told me I have to feed my baby. Then my baby tried but there was no milk. We tried everything we know on how to produce milk- massage with warm water, and letting my baby continously suck so the milk will come out. After two days my baby is already crying out looking for milk. We decided to buy formula and milk bottles. I was so happy that time to see my baby satisfied with the formula milk.

Then after all those things I had time to open my social media account and  everybody was asking- is it normal delivery? are you breastfeeding? Suddenly tears was shed.. Can I still call myself a mother…?

YES! Being a mom doesn’t only revolve on breastfeeding and natural birth. That maybe a good part of it but not the whole. Never ever feel guilty because you cannot breastfeed exclusively, and you have a scar in your tummy. Not all women have the same body and fate.

Even after giving him the formula, I still tried breastfeeding because of the guilt inside me everytime the baby is not feeling well. I would always think that it is because he is not breast fed. Then, I would start again to cry thinking I’m not giving the best I could.

But after 5 months, I told myself STOP! Feeling bad all the time is not helping my baby and me to be better. I started communicating with my baby little by little. Trying to know him more and him knowing me more.


I decided then to be a full time Mom. It was the best decision I made because I got the best feeling of seeing the baby growing.

At the moment I am enjoying being the Mom of my son. I may not be able to breastfeed like an ideal mom should be, waking up everytime at anytime to prepare the milk is a sacrifice not only by the Moms but also the Dads. Giving birth by c-section may not be as well ideal but the pain you will endure after operation. Not to mention the risks and complications that might happen afterwards.

Here are some examples you might feel and experience:

* People may look odd at you when you’re taking out the milk bottle and you might think you’re a bad Mom, it’s not true. You are not a bad Mom at all. They might just be staring at what milk you are using. Always remember that you are the Mom, that is your child, and they are just your audience.

* You may hear others saying that you’re baby is not a cow, why giving cow’s milk! I thank all the cows out there for sharing us their milk, specially for the babies who are orphan, and moms who are sick, and moms like me who havent got enough milk to provide for the baby.

* Social media.  A lot of famous people are breastfeeding while you’re holding the milk bottle. There are even groups about breastfeeding while for formula feeding there is none. I know how you feel, but what matters most is that you’re still able to feed your baby.

Breastfeeding is the best for babies and I salute all the moms out there who exclusively breastfed their babies. But in some situation “babies being fed is the best”.


Mommies, don’t let it turn you down to thinking that you’re not a good Mom, because what makes us a great mom is by giving our LOVE to our babies. Enjoy this moment, and don’t waste your time crying and worrying. Because you are not the only one who feel guilty, I was too! 🙂 As long as our babies are healthy, and happy we are happy!


Enjoy motherhood!

How I became a Flight Attendant, after failing Assessment Day Twice!

“Try lang ng try!” “Never lose hope” “Baka hindi para sayo” Eto ang madalas mong maririnig na payo sayo ng mga tao sa paligid mo after magfail sa interview. And YES I failed TWICE during assessment day for Cabin Crew sa same Airline company.

Bakit ko nga ba gusto maging Flight Attendant?

– Makakatravel ng libre (no.1 reason ng karamihan ^_^)

– Maganda uniform

– Sa Pilipinas pag sinabing Flight Attendant “Wow”

– Madaling trabaho (hmmm..) na malaki sweldo

At dahil sa mababaw kong mga dahilan, hindi ko napaghandaan ang assessment. Hindi pala ganun KADALI!

Sabi nga nila may hinahanap ang mga airlines na sila lang nakakaalam. Kahit super ganda, super tangkad and mukhang flight attendant na, walang kasiguraduhan na ikaw ay papasa. Kaya naman nilista ko lahat ng ginawa ko para makapasa sa PANGATLO kong pagkakataon.

Stages of Application:

-Apply online or Open days

-Online Assessment and Interview

-Assessment Day and Interview

(Depende sa Airlines)



Picture. Iba- iba ang standard ng picture ng airline. Sundin lang ang standard ng airline na gusto mo pasukan. Kailangan maayos ang damit, pormal at naka make up. Natural make up lang. Eto ang unang makikita ng employer kaya paghandaan mabuti ang picture na isesend sa kanila.


Be Prepared. Nung una kong application, normal na pang interview lang and sinuot ko, pero nung third time ko, bumili ako talaga ng bagong damit, pero if out of budget pwede na kung anong meron basta malinis plantsado and yung pangmalakasan niyo!

Online Assessment

Join Online Forums. Mga forums tungkol sa mga experiences ng iba sa Assessment day. May mga forum sa internet na pwede salihan para malaman mo mga dapat paghandaan. Naging malaking tulong ito sa akin lalo na sa stage by stage development ng application ko. Pare-pareho kasi kayo minsan ng sitwasyon, dahil dito, maaring maging guide mo mga experiences nila lalo na yung mga natanggap na.

Research. Nagumpisa ko magsearch sa internet ng tungkol sa company na inaaplyan ko. Nagsearch din ako ng mga definition at kung ano ang trabaho ng isang flight attendant. Mas maganda na alam mo ang job description ng inaapplyan mo at kung talagang eto ang gusto mong trabaho.

Practice. Karamihan sa airlines ngayon may Online Assessment muna. May time limit bawat stage kaya mas mabuting magpractice muna bago mo umpisahan ang pagsagot.

*Online Assessment (English Test, Math Test Comprehensive Test and Video Interview)

Gumawa ako ng listahan ng mga posibleng tanong sa mga interview ng Flight Attendant at unti-unti ko sinagutan.

Ilan sa mga kadalasang tanong ay:

-Why you want to become a Flight Attendant?

-If you really want to become a Flight Attendant why us? why not other airlines?

-Describe yourself

-How long are you planning to stay with us?

-Why (airlines name)?

-What is a Flight Attendant?

*tip- search and collect all the best answers, then compose your own version.

Assessment Day and Interview

Be on Time. Napakahalaga ng TIME sa mga airlines. Kaya naman maganda na maaga sa interview, dahil “first impression last”. Tandaan, na pagdating mo pa lang inoobserbahan ka na nila. Kaya always smile and relax!

Group Activities. May group activities sa assessment day, kung saan madalas mabawasan ang mga applicants, kaya do your best. Hindi kailangan na ikaw palagi ang magsasalita, pero hindi din maganda na hindi ka magsasalita, balanse lang at pagbigyan din makapagsalita ang iba, always use: “may i suggest”, “maybe we can..” “what do you think”. Aknowledge din natin suggestion ng iba: “i like your idea (name)..”

Name. Kung may name badge na binigay ang interviewer during assessment day, palaging tawagin mo sa pangalan ang mga kasamahan mo. Lalo na sa group discussion.

*tips: Always remember na safety ang priority ng mga airlines. Iba iba ang pwede ipagawa sa group activity, just keep in mind: safety, survival and culture.

Role Play. Some airlines have role plays. Dito nila tinetest ang problem solving skills ng applicant, in case magka problema sa eroplano. Magsearch ng mga sample role play online.

*my experience was: The Hotel was fully booked and a walk in guest have a business meeting and need to stay in your hotel. What will you do? (my answer: call and book a room from other hotel near your hotel and arrange transfer)

other scenario: Coffee shop without sugar, you are alone serving, What will you do?

Interview. Stay calm and positive. Research ng mga tungkol sa company na inaapplyan. Magpractice ng mga answers. Check sample questions online. Always SMILE!

Sana makatulong mga tips na ito, na nakatulong sakin maging Flight Attendant. Always remember na kung hindi man ngayon, palaging may next time, pero “learn from your mistake and move forward”.

Good Luck! 🙂













Club Balai Isabel Vacation with 9 Months Old Baby

Summer time! First vacation namin kasama si baby. 9 months old na siya at medyo nahirapan na kami sa eroplano. Although 2hours flight lang naman from Macau. Pero ngayon kasi mas nagmamasid na sya sa paligid at malikot na!

Since sa Tagaytay kami stay pinakamalapit na resort with beach ayon kay waze ay ang Club Balai Isabel, which is true dahil 20minutes drive lang!



Nagcheck ako online how much rate nila and around 3k ang over night stay. Pero naisip namin na magwalk in na lang para dun na lang kami magbayad.

Pagdating namin pumunta kami straight sa reception and may nag-assist naman sa amin.


Naginquire kami ng room rate and sobrang laki ng difference pag online. May additional pa per person. Ginawa namin, nagbook kami online on the spot. Kaya tip ko po, as per our experience, mas makaka save kayo if online ang booking compare sa walk in.

Take note: Check in time is 2:00 PM

Dumating kami ng mga 12:30PM at dahil may kasama kami baby nagtanong kami if pwede kami mag early check in, pero hindi daw pwede. Kaya expect niyo na pag maaga kayo dumating, na maghihintay pa din ng 2:00 PM.

Tumambay kami sa mga tables nila near the lake with the view of Taal volcano.


Breathtaking talaga ang view dahil sa tapat sya mismo ng taal volcano. Habang naghihintay, naglunch na din kami sa Restaurant nila.


May outdoor and indoor ang Terrazza Restaurant. Parehong may view ng pool at Taal.


Masarap food nila, at friendly mga staff. Kaya lang pag may tinanong ka sa kanila, tinatawag pa nila yung isa pa nilang kasamahan para masagot kahit simpleng tanong lang namin na kung “may Lomi Batangas ba sila”. (Siguro bago lang staff)

Inorder namin, pinakbet, tawilis, pork sisig and laing. Masarap naman at hindi kamahalan.

We received a call from receptionist, time to check in!

According sa receptionist, ask daw namin ang guard kung saan yung building namin. Nagtanong kami sa guard at ang sagot niya ay hindi niya daw alam. 😦 Well ginamit na lang namin yung map.

Binook namin dalawang De luxe Room with View.



Malaki at malinis ang mga rooms. May kitchen, refrigerator, TV, and closet. May complimentary water and coffee. May towels na din pero walang soap and shampoo, kaya don’t forget to bring your own. Room is good for 2pax, pero sa size niya kasya ang 4-6 pax, kaya lang additional payment per person, na halos kapresyo na din ng another room. Mas okay pa na kumuha na lang ng bagong room if more than 4 persons kayo.

Nagumpisa kami magswimming around 4PM and watch ng sunset..


Nagswimming lang kami sa pool, dahil sa hindi masyado malinis ang lake. Baby loves it! Make sure to bring baby diaper na pang swimming, although hindi rin naman masyado mahigpit sa dresscode para na lang din sa ibang naliligo. 🙂

For dinner, may dala kami bucket of chicken and ordered Pizza sa Restaurant nila. We love it! Pizza nila is simple and fresh!



Day 2

Gumising kami maaga for sunrise and breakfast.


Breakfast is included sa booking namin online, hindi nga lang sya buffet, pipili ka lang from their menu. Drinks is included na.

Again we asked questions and hindi kami ulit masagot. Napansin ko na parang mga OJT sila kaya siguro.

Club Balai Isabel ay may 3 swimming pools, isa malapit sa Restaurant and yung iba naman medyo malayong lakaran or pwede din sumakay sa e-car.

F2FCE264-AD93-4CE0-A819-0498015E0B2B89D95A84-99BE-4F37-AFC3-40D191FC6A1FA5BB3FA1-6086-48AC-94D7-53974B84FC137F3CE701-70F2-454E-8C79-14E9615FC899658E78AB-4711-4D7B-8D29-0C3033FBA05CNagpunta kami ng weekdays kaya siguro wala masyadong tao.

Beach/Lake. Gray sand siya at medyo madilim ang tubig. Hindi na kami nagswimming sa lake.


If you want adventure naman, may mga list din sila ng activities and rates.


Nothing to worry about baby basta kumpleto gamit niya. 🙂


Overall we enjoyed our stay, first pool experience ni baby. Kilala ang Club Balai Isabel dahil sa mga kilalang artista na kinasal dito noon, pero dahil na din siguro sa tagal na nito mapapansin na luma na ang mga rooms at hindi masyadong trained mga staff about product knowledge. Very hospitable naman staff nila dahil palagi ka nila babatiin.

Hope makatulong sa trip niyo ang experience namin! Apir!



How I Entertain My Baby: 5 – 7 Months

Entertaining baby wasn’t that easy because they cannot communicate yet. But there are a lot of ways to entertain a baby. When my baby turns 5 months, he started watching and playing with his toys.


Here are some ways on how I entertain my baby;

Walk Outside. Walking outside the house, whether going to the park or doing some grocery is the best way for me and my husband to entertain him. He loves seeing lot of things outside, noise, and people. I love babywearing him than pushing a stroller. When he was 5 months, he usually fall asleep every time we were out, now that he is 7 months he is more active and more observant.


Teether and Pacifier. He always wants to chew things. A nice teether, will do. We bought him the banana teether that he loves the most, because he can easily grab it chew it on all of its parts. He also wants to chew his pacifier once in a while lol!


Toys with plastic-like sound. They love playing with plastic, so a toy that has this sound like a plastic works well! Me, I’ll just give him the real plastic and the plastic bottle that he usually slams like a drum!


Nursery Rhymes Videos. There are tons of nursery rhymes videos in YouTube that you can play. Before, my baby doesn’t really appreciate watching video or movies, until he turns 5 months. He loves nursery rhymes and cartoon movies (he loves tinker bell the lost treasure). He started reacting to the movies when he turns 7 months and showing different emotions while watching!


Playing with your baby. Nothing compares to a mom and son bonding! I make sure that I spend time playing with my baby. Making him laugh by playing with the blankets over his face, and making faces to him! Just lying in the bed or mat and letting him crawl around that makes him stronger.


There are so many ways to entertain your baby, you just need to be patient and always keep trying new things. Sometimes simple things works well.


Hope this list helps mga nanay! Apir! ☺️

Our Wynn Palace Macau Experience


During holiday season everybody is celebrating in different ways. Since we are living away from our hometown, my sister surprised us with a gift which is 1-night stay in Wynn Palace Hotel Macau! We were so thrilled and excited! We’ve always wanted to book a stay in Wynn Palace.


Check-in time was from 15:00 and check-out time was 11:00. Me and my son arrived at 16:00 and waited for my husband there. Wasn’t a really good idea though, because we were asked for 1,000 MOP deposit, which I don’t have. (forgot my purse 😬) So we end up walking around to kill the time. There were no seats available and all you have to do is to walk, so I decided to ride on the Cable car that they have in the front, at least we can sit for a while. 😅 It is open to public for FREE! And from the cable car you will see the lake and fountain. It was called a dancing fountain because it dances with the music.

When my husband arrived, we went to north entrance and straight to registration desk. Even though we were in Macau, most of the hotel staffs speak English and we haven’t had a hard time checking in. The front desk officers were polite and professional. They offered us a crib for our baby and gave us a room for non smoking. They also gave us some water and also provide us with the map and hotel schedules.


Elevator. Fast and there is always available elevator.

Hallway. The hallway to our room was very clean and has a clear signs of direction.



Room Key. It was user friendly. You just need to tap your card and it will open, as easy as that. 😁

Room. The room was clean, great size and cozy. It looks so elegant. There was a touch screen tablet, where you can control the lights and television. It has everything you need to feel at home.




Service. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. The housekeeping staff assigned to our room came to greet and welcome us and gave us some chocolates. That tastes so good! After 30 minutes we received the crib with a toy and blankets. They provide us a small tub for baby to wash and a baby kit with shampoo, lotion etc.

Restaurant. We had our breakfast and lunch at Fontana Buffet, we have the view of the lake and the fountain while eating! They provided us excellent service from breakfast to lunch. They even recognized us coming back for lunch and gave us the same seat. They greeted us from the entrance and assisted us to our seats. We have a baby and they gave us the seat where we can fit our stroller.
Food. Food was great, they taste good. It was not that much but they have different variety. I love the dumplings and seafood section and the desserts!! Drinks were served to the table. What I really like about the buffet is that the food was placed in one corner and you don’t have to walk around.

Overall, our experience was amazing. We enjoyed every hour of our stay! It was short but unforgettable. Hope everyone had a great time too last Holiday Season!!