DIY: How to sew Face Mask | No Sewing Machine

Hi! Today we’ll be making a simple and easy DIY face mask that you could also make for your kids. Here are the materials needed: Here’s the step-by-step procedure: STEP 1 Prepare your fabrics. You can use a face mask as a pattern or use this prepared pattern. Fold the face mask, stretch,  and placeContinue reading “DIY: How to sew Face Mask | No Sewing Machine”

Baby Shoes Free Pattern

I made these baby shoes for my kids when they were 1-6 months old. These shoes are reversible having two aesthetic designs for one pair. They are very comfortable and easy to make. They are perfect for gifts for mommies ad their babies, simple and cute. Here’s the free pattern: Here’s the Video Tutorial:Follow me onContinue reading “Baby Shoes Free Pattern”

EASY DIY Face Mask | NO Sewing Machine| Face Mask Sewing Tutorial

Hello! Here’s another DIY face mask tutorial. Today we are making a pleated face mask with a filter pocket.   What you’ll need: Needle and Thread 40×20 cm cloth 4 Clips Step-by-Step Procedure: Step 1 Prepare your 40×20 cm cloth. Fold it in half and iron. Fold again and iron. Make another fold at theContinue reading “EASY DIY Face Mask | NO Sewing Machine| Face Mask Sewing Tutorial”

Let’s DIY! – Teether/Pacifier/Toy Strap Holder

Does your baby always drops his/her teether or pacifier even his toys on the floor and you have to clean them again and again, or sometimes drop them while walking in the mall or park?!? This solution is not new to other Moms, but new to me! lol! DIY Teether/Toy/Pacifier Holder Let’s save some money andContinue reading “Let’s DIY! – Teether/Pacifier/Toy Strap Holder”

Born via C-section, Fed with Formula, raised with PURE LOVE

When I was pregnant, everything was perfectly planned. I was hoping to give birth normal, and planning to breastfeed my baby as long as I can. I was so sure that these things will happen. I was even talking to my baby inside my tummy “anak tulungan mo mommy ha labas ikaw agad! But allContinue reading “Born via C-section, Fed with Formula, raised with PURE LOVE”

Club Balai Isabel Vacation with 9 Months Old Baby

Summer time! First vacation namin kasama si baby. 9 months old na siya at medyo nahirapan na kami sa eroplano. Although 2hours flight lang naman from Macau. Pero ngayon kasi mas nagmamasid na sya sa paligid at malikot na! Since sa Tagaytay kami stay pinakamalapit na resort with beach ayon kay waze ay ang ClubContinue reading “Club Balai Isabel Vacation with 9 Months Old Baby”

How I Entertain My Baby: 5 – 7 Months

Entertaining baby wasn’t that easy because they cannot communicate yet. But there are a lot of ways to entertain a baby. When my baby turns 5 months, he started watching and playing with his toys. Here are some ways on how I entertain my baby; Walk Outside. Walking outside the house, whether going to theContinue reading “How I Entertain My Baby: 5 – 7 Months”