DIY: How to sew Face Mask | No Sewing Machine

Hi! Today we’ll be making a simple and easy DIY face mask that you could also make for your kids. Here are the materials needed: Here’s the step-by-step procedure: STEP 1 Prepare your fabrics. You can use a face mask as a pattern or use this prepared pattern. Fold the face mask, stretch,  and placeContinue reading “DIY: How to sew Face Mask | No Sewing Machine”

EASY DIY Face Mask | NO Sewing Machine| Face Mask Sewing Tutorial

Hello! Here’s another DIY face mask tutorial. Today we are making a pleated face mask with a filter pocket.   What you’ll need: Needle and Thread 40×20 cm cloth 4 Clips Step-by-Step Procedure: Step 1 Prepare your 40×20 cm cloth. Fold it in half and iron. Fold again and iron. Make another fold at theContinue reading “EASY DIY Face Mask | NO Sewing Machine| Face Mask Sewing Tutorial”

Our Family in Macau during Coronavirus

“I just want my babies to be safe….” Just 2 months ago, our family from the Philippines visited us and spent the holiday here in Macau. Everyone had a great time. We visited hotels and museums, do a little shopping, exchanged gifts, and ate a lot! After a week, everybody left. Back to our normalContinue reading “Our Family in Macau during Coronavirus”

DIY Face Mask without using a Sewing Machine

DIY Face Mask without using a Sewing Machine I don’t own a sewing machine, so I decided to sew a Face Mask by hand. I started sewing masks last February since the outbreak here in Macau started last January. Here is the step by step: Pattern Step 1 Use the pattern attached or if youContinue reading “DIY Face Mask without using a Sewing Machine”